​Welcome to Polemos plc

The Company became a Rule 15 Cash Shell on 8 March 2018 and the Company's Ordinary Shares were suspended from trading on AIM pursuant to AIM Rule 40 on 10 September 2018, as it had not made an acquisition or acquisitions which constitute a reverse takeover under AIM Rule 14 on or before the date falling six months from 8 March 2018, or been re-admitted to trading on AIM as an investing company under the AIM Rules (which requires the raising of at least £6 million). Admission to trading on AIM will be cancelled six months from the date of suspension should the reason for the suspension not have been rectified.

The Board has concluded that the highest value can be delivered to its shareholders by the sourcing and execution of a Reverse Takeover for the Company in accordance with the AIM Rules. Accordingly, the Board’s efforts are concentrated on delivery of this strategy.

As announced on 10 September 2018, the Company has agreed conditional heads of terms to acquire the entire issued share capital of Digitalbox Publishing (Holdings) Ltd ("Digitalbox"), subject to certain conditions and due diligence (the "Proposed Acquisition"). The Proposed Acquisition would constitute a Reverse Takeover pursuant to AIM Rule 14, and the Company's shares will remain suspended pending the publication of the required AIM Admission Document and shareholder approval of the Acquisition. The Acquisition is subject, inter alia, to the completion of due diligence, documentation, shareholder approval and compliance with all regulatory requirements, including the AIM Rules and Takeover Code. Should the Company not complete the Acquisition or an alternative acquisition pursuant to AIM Rule 14, trading in its Ordinary Shares on AIM will, in accordance with AIM Rule 41, be cancelled six months following suspension.

Therefore with effect from 8 March 2018 Polemos is no longer an investing company. Furthermore it is NOT a PRIIP, UCITS or NURS and is therefore NOT required by the FCA to prepare a Key Investor Information Document (KID or KIID).